• SPRING 2018

At the end of April 2018 Etterna signed contract with Sliptrick Records. The debut album Chaotic will be released digitally worldwide and physically in Europe (UK and Scandinavia included).


  • SPRING 2017

ETTERNA travels to the Martin Barla’s studio and records two new songs named "The Independent Dreamland" and "My Guidance Home". The guitarist Štefan does bass recording again because shortly before the bassist Andy left the band due to his own project. On March 25th the band plays its first live performance as a support of the band GLOOM, still with Andy on bass. After the show Andy was replaced by Peter Jakub. On April 19th the third song "The Independent Dreamland" is officially published as a music video. The whole video was directed and produced by the band and fans could see Peter playing with the band for the first time.

  • SUMMER 2017

Due to his personal „time reasons“, on July 5th the bassist Peter leaves the band. Few days after, the same path is followed by Štefan. On the same day the band hires the guitarist Adam Maňko and in next 2 days the bassist Martin Laškody as well. After few sessions, the band is ready to play live again. However, due to previous personal changes the release date of the first album is postponed.

  • AUTUMN 2017

ETTERNA films its third music video for the song "My Guidance Home". It’s more like a short movie with only one music part: the guitar solo. The part is played by Štefan as a co-writer of the song. While having mini-tour with the band FROM THE SIX, the band records 3 new songs for the upcomig album.

  • WINTER 2017 / 2018

In December, the band aligns with amateur wrestlers to film another, its forth, music video for the song called „Before our lives“. The video is published on 21.01.2018. ETTERNA finishes the whole playlist of the album and starts looking for a music label.


  • JUNE 2016

Duo Luxin Tenebris and Feral Inferis from recently disbanded Khadaver agree with Števo Korčák (Five rock souls) and a singer Ady Hnat (Sunrain) to form a new band together.

  • JULY 2016

Final lineup is completed by bass guitarist Viktor Simon (Meyssa)

  • AUGUST 2016

2 songs are ready to be recorded by the end of september and the band is working hard on new material for their debut album, planned to be released in summer 2017

  • SEPTEMBER 2016

Songs “Demon” and “Secreto en Fragopolis” were recorded under supervision of drummer Martin Barla in Poprad (SK) from the band Astarot. Shortly before the recording, Etterna decided to stop co-operating with the bassist Viktor. Bass recording was taken over by Števo.

  • OCTOBER 2016

The work on two recorded songs was finished and one of them “Demon” was released as a lyric video on youtube channel. After the release, bassist Andy Mášik, former member of Luxin and Feral, contacted the band asking for joing. Etterna’s decision was positive which motivated the band to start working on next songs.

  • NOVEMBER 2016

Etterna is cooperating with JBE Vision studio on music video for the second song “Secreto en Fragopolis”. The video is recorded in Presov, Šariš castle and surroundings area.

  • DECEMBER 2016

The music video is finished and released on youtube channel on 21.12. as a Christmas present for fans. As the band’s playlist is extending.




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